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You Successful You for Children

Jana focuses on developing individual critical thinking with collective consciousness in children, leading them towards a successful future.

Jana works with children from 5 years old to college age to create more independent logical thinking with awareness towards themselves and others.

Jana helps children develop successful ways of thinking and acting, and build their unique "I" world full of strength, confidence, resilience and flexibility. 


Jana guides children to develop healthy problem solving skills and discover their full potential.


 Jana's program also emphasizes understanding healthy life style and making healthy choices.


In addition to youth coaching Jana has been writing books for children which are helping them to understand the power of their minds, guiding them through life situations and teaching them to be emotional intelligent. Her books are gonna be in print soon and you can find more information at

"We need to solve problems before we create them!"
                                                         Jana Sedlakova

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."​

                                                                                          Albert Einstein

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